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The Ultimate Ad Formula To Convert Like Crazy And Still Build Goodwill In Your Niche...
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Copy Jason's ad templates so you can leverage direct response tactics to write ads that command viewer engagement, drive sales, and position your channel as the trustworthy answer to all your customers' problems.

Follow an easy, step-by-step process to craft your first entertaining video ad - one the people actually want to watch, and more importantly... one that sells like crazy

Choose from 5 conversion-ready ad scripts to create a customized ad that is laser-focused on growing your subscriber base, attracting new email signups, or driving sales (writing sales copy is a snap using our Video Ad Templates)

Answer "3 magic questions" to instantly decode the anatomy of any video ad so you can reverse-engineer key elements to fuel your own content and ads success

Peak behind the scenes with an unfiltered 'directors cut' of high grossing video ad creatives you can model for yourself using pre-configured fill-in-the-blank storyboards to streamline the creative process (even if you have no idea what to film)...

Discover simple little-known hacks to easily produce high impact, low cost 'point-'n-shoot' cell phone videos, quick screen shares, and even ads where you don't have to show your face

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ONE TIME OFFER - Only $4.95 - Access our carefully curated collection of over 9 high impact YouTube ads so you can copy proven hook formulas, simple editing hacks, and effective calls to action to craft your own conversion centered video ads.  VALUE: $24.95
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"No one likes staring at a blank page wondering where to begin. After years of trial by fire in multiple industries these refined YouTube ad scripts have become the cornerstone of our clients campaign success. These are the exact same fill in the blank templates we use internally to consistently produce high converting ads for our clients."
Jason Whaling
Founder ~ ACT Marketing