Sales Funnel Architect

The Ultimate Sales Projection Model To Uncover Your Best 

Sales Opportunities And Double Your Funnel ROI
Copy Jason's Sales Architect Model to immediately identify your best 'low hanging fruit' profit opportunities and leverage points in your current funnels to maximize your conversions and campaign ROI.
Here's What You'll Walk Away With

Take full command of your bottom line using a powerful sales projection model that allows you to plug leaks in your conversion process and instantly cut off traffic campaigns destined to for failure

Peek behind the curtain at Jason's traffic and funnel conversion strategy so you can copy the strategy to craft your own

Save valuable time and eliminate 'analysis paralysis' by leveraging pre-configured sales and conversion formulas and apply them to your business (even if you can't stand math - just plug 'n play the numbers)...

Choose the perfect price for your product using the 'price to profit equilibrium ratio' to maximize your return on ad spend and most importantly - your revenue.

Learn the fundamentals of running sales to cost analysis - how to predictability scale traffic, generate leads and drive conversions on demand

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"I used to run traffic campaigns completely blind - getting caught up in conversion rates and costs per click without any knowledge of what they needed to be for my funnel to actually make a profit. Tired of losing money, I developed a deceptively simple Sales Architect Model for projecting costs and setting revenue targets so myself and others can finally have a clear path to a positive funnel ROI."

Jason Whaling
Co-Founder, ACT Marketing