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Click Magnet PPC Ads Blueprint
The Ultimate PPC Ad Formula To Provoke A Swarm Of Laser-Targeted Clicks And Instantly Cut Your CPC
Here's What We'll Create Together
Copy Jason's ad templates so you can leverage direct response tactics to write search ads that attract paying customers, boost quality scores, slice CPC costs, and most importantly repel wasteful 'tire kicker' clicks that never result in a sale.

Follow an easy, step-by-step formula to create search ads that seize your ideal customers attention, compel them to click, and more importantly... one that sells like crazy.

Choose from 7 conversion-ready ad templates to craft a customized ad that is laser-focused on delivering profitable results; not useless 'brand lift' - attracting new leads or driving new sales (writing sales copy is a snap using our PPC Ad Templates)

Answer the '4 magic questions' to instantly deconstruct the anatomy of your competitors best converting ads so you can reverse-engineer key elements to fuel your own ad copy and conversion success

Learn the Fundamentals of Google Ads Copywriting so you can predictability tug on customers emotional triggers to drive conversions on demand

Exploit your competitors ad mistakes to position your your ad as the only logical click-worth option (insures those budget draining 'lookie loos' click your competitors ads)

100% Money Back Guarantee

Take the next 90 days to conversion test our systems for your own business. Create new ads, launch your campaigns and generate sales. 

Even take a few weeks to see how they stack up to your current ad performance... And if you're not completely satisfied for any reason over the next 90 days - we will refund your money. Zero risk to you if you don’t like the course, tools, and frameworks. 

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“Keeping our ad position used to be a constant battle as Google constantly demanded more fresh ad copy than we could create. After years of managing clients across almost every industry we developed a predictable model for rapidly brainstorming fresh ideas, writing, and testing search ads. These are the exact same copywriting formulas we use to keep our clients quality scores high and CPC low to deliver the best return on ad spend possible.”
Jason Whaling
Founder ~ ACT Marketing