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Video Sales Letter Copywriter
The Quickest Way To Craft High Converting Video Sales Letters Without Any Sales Experience...
Here's What We'll Create Together
Leverage the Proven HAWK Video Sales Letter Formula To craft an irresistibly engaging presentation to grab your ideal customers attention, amplify your authority, and instantly build massive goodwill that positions your offers as the ONLY logical answer to your customers’ problems.

Follow an easy fill-in-the blank VSL script to ethically seize your ideal customer’s attention and tug on their emotional triggers so you can sell like crazy even if you’ve never written a word of sales copy before

Utilize time-tested direct response persuasion techniques to effortlessly create rapport building stories, captivating bullet points, and compelling calls to action that allow you to transform ice-cold leads into red-hot buyers

Discover deceptively simple production hacks to deploy high impact, low-cost videos where you don’t have to purchase fancy equipment, learn to edit, or even show your face

Answer the ‘4 magic questions’ to instantly deconstruct the anatomy of your competitors, copy converting secrets so you can reverse-engineer key elements to fuel your own ad copy and conversion success

Scale your conversions on autopilot by copying our streamlined process for fine-tuning your sales message - find your most profitable ‘offer-market-fit’ (without ever having to re-record your VSL)

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“Over 90% of our digital product sales come from simple little VSLs using the HAWK Framework. It’s INSANE how much our conversions and income skyrocketed once we tapped into the power of short-form video sales letters. This is the single most powerful strategy to automate your sales and scale your income.”
Jason Whaling
Founder ~ ACT Marketing